Automated Glycan Assembly of Plant Oligosaccharides and Their Application in Cell Wall Biology

The plant cell wall provides the richest available resource of fermentable carbohydrates and bio‐based materials Plant cell wall research is to a large part hampered by a lack of available well‐defined oligosaccharide samples representing the structural features of cell wall glycans The body of the concept article deals with the application of Automated Glycan Assembly of plant oligosaccharides to decipher fundamental questions that have not received complete satisfactory answers because of the lack of well-characterized and homogeneous materials. The examples cover applications to the essential plant cell-wall polysaccharides in a very convincing manner.

Emblematic examples are provided with such cases as the automated glycan assemblies of oligosaccharides : xylan, xyloglucan type-I, and type-II arabinogalactan. More than 60 synthetic oligosaccharides were prepared and printed as microarrays for screening monoclonal antibodies that recognize plant cell wall polysaccharides. The description of several applications resulting from the availability of these oligosaccharides deals with the : (i) characterization of-of cell-wall glycan-directed antibodies, (ii) characterization of glycosyl hydrolases acting on plant cell glycans and the high throughput screening of plant glycosyltransferases. Another application concerns the analysis of endo-trans-glycosylases throughout the enzymatic incorporation of synthetic oligosaccharides into plant cell walls.