Biology and Chemistry of Beta Glucan : Mechanisms of Action

Under the collective name of β-glucan a series of complex β-(1-3) β-(1-6) linked glucan are the most studied natural immunomodulators. As with many natural products, the fine characterization is hampered by their considerable heterogeneity as well as the diversity of the sources.

Continuous improvements in extraction and characterizations of β-glucan provide sound basis to propose new mechanisms of actions, as well as explaining erroneous interpretation of β-glucan structures and misinterpretation of the results of biological activities testing of β-glucan. Further information about the β-glucan-mediated tumor Immunotherapy and their use (or potential misuses) are described in other chapters.

This book is addressed to every reader seeking a prompt and precise information on β-glucan history and various biological effects including possible use in the treatment of various diseases, without having any preliminary knowledge of the field.