“Cell Invaders” : A Glycoscience Computer Game

This year’s UK Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition (2-7 July) will feature an exhibit on “The Complex Life of Sugars”. For the event, the Royal Society has commissioned a Glycoscience computer game called “Cell Invaders”. You have to construct oligosaccharides using CFG sugar symbols and throw them at various cell invaders to stop them sticking to your own cell surface. It is really fantastic ! Please try it out and VOTE for Cell Invaders ! The game with the most votes will be developed further by the Royal Society after the exhibition.

Web/PC Versions http://sse.royalsociety.org/2013/games/
iPad Version https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/cell-invader/id664340722?ls=1&mt=8

The exhibition team has also prepared a really great animated video introducing glycoscience which is really worth checking out :

More excellent animations, videos and articles on the Sugar Complexity blog : http://sugar-complexity.tumblr.com/ ;