Protecting Groups in Carbohydrate Chemistry

Strategies and Applications in Carbohydrate Chemistry provides a detailed account of key strategies and methodologies for the protection of carbohydrates. Divided into two parts, the first focuses on groups that are used best to protect a specific position on a carbohydrate. In the second part, specific carbohydrate residues or compounds are discussed in the context of a specific protecting group strategy used to reach the desired regioisomer.

1. Protecting Group Strategies in Carbohydrate Chemistry. A. G. Volbeda, G. A. van der Marel, J. D. C. Codée.
2. Protecting Groups at the Primary Position of Carbohydrates. M. Donnier-Maréchal, S. Vidal, M. Fiore.
3. Protecting Groups at the Secondary Position of Carbohydrates. S. Vidal, P. G. Goekjian.
4. Regioselective Protection at the Secondary Position of Carbohydrates with Acyclic Protecting Groups. P. G. Goekjian, S. Vidal.
5. Protecting Groups at the Anomeric Position of Carbohydrates. C. Sakonsinsiri, W. Bruce Turnbull.
6. N-Protecting Groups for 2-Amino-2-Deoxy-Glycosides. S. Vidal.
7. One-Pot Multi-Step Regioselective Protection of Carbohydrates Catalyzed by Acids. J.-M. Beau, Y. Bourdreux, G. Despras, A. Gouasmat, G. San Jose, D. Urban, B. Vauzeilles.
8. Acyl Migrations in Carbohydrate Chemistry. F. S. Ekholm, R. Leino.
9. De Novo Asymmetric Synthesis of Oligosaccharides Using Atom-Less Protecting Groups. D. Ray, G. A. O’Doherty.
10. Protecting Group Strategies for Sialic Acid Derivatives. H. Amarasekara, S. Buda, A. Reddy Mandhapati, D. Crich.
11. Strategies Towards Protection of 1,2- and 1,3-Diols in Carbohydrate Chemistry. M. Schuler, A. Tatibouët.
12. Protecting Group Strategies Towards Glycofuranoses. V. Ferrières, L. Legentil, L. Lemiègre.
13. Cyclodextrin Chemistry via Selective Protecting Group Manipulations. J. M. Benito, J. M. García Fernández.
14. Protecting Group Strategies Towards Sulfated Glycosaminoglycans. H. Ledru, P. Matton, J.-M. Mallet, C. Lopin-Bon.
15. Applications of Fluorous and Ionic Liquid Tags in Oligosaccharide Synthesis. I. Sittel, M. Carmen Galan.
16. Orthogonally Protected Building Blocks for Automated Glycan Assembly. F. Pfrengle, P. H. Seeberger.
17. Kilogram-Scale Production of Synthetic Heparin Analogs. P. Trouilleux, P. Potier, P.-A. Driguez.