Sugar : Why we cannot resist !

The August 2013 issue of National Geographic features a well-documented and superbly illustrated article on human addiction to sucrose.

Throughout a brief but very pedagogical background presentation about the role and function of sweetness in human evolution, the story touches how the economy of sugar laid the foundation to slavery in the New World and its accompanying bloody side of the “triangular trade”. Even after slavery was abolished, our slavery to sugar and sweetness has evolved differently according to countries.

Copyright: Photographs by Robert Clark

The top consumers of refined sucrose are Brazil, Russia, Mexico and the E.U., whereas the top-consumers of high-fructose syrup are U.S.A, Mexico and Canada. In all instances, the recommended calorific consumption limits are wildly exceeded. But all sugars are not equal, even though they contain the same amount of calories, because they are metabolized differently in the body and may trigger different brain changes. The text of the article is available @