The Chemistry-Glycobiology Frontier

Under the title “The chemistry-Glycobiology Frontier” the issue n°134 of the Journal of American Chemical Society provides a selection of highlighted articles which are illustrating the wealth of current and emerging research at the chemistry-glycobiology interface. Five focus areas have been selected that are important lines of research.

  1. Getting a Grip on Glycoconjugates with Selective Labelling and Imaging
  2. Using Glycans to Modulate the Structure and Fubction
  3. Assembling Tailored Glycans and Glycoconjugates with a little help from Nature
  4. Exploring Glycan Recognition and Processing Enzymes through Chemical and Physical Approaches
  5. Strength in Numbers and the Recurring Paradigm of Multivalency.

The editorial preface by Barbara Imperiali, places all these themes in perspective and offers a brilliant description of the present state of the art and a strong advocacy of crossing the borders.