UniLectin3D : An Interactive Lectin Database

What is UniLectin3D ?
The UniLectin3D interactive database provides curated information on carbohydrate-binding proteins called lectins. Lectins are grouped into families based on multiple structures binding different carbohydrates.
What are Lectins ?
Lectins are proteins with at least one non-catalytic domain that binds reversibly to a specific mono or oligosaccharide and are not antibodies. Carbohydrate-binding has molecular and cellular consequences. Lectins play a range of roles in biological recognition involving cells, carbohydrates, and proteins. Lectins also mediate attachment and binding of bacteria and viruses to their intended targets.
How many lectins and structures ?
In date of 2018/08/29 : 1740 3D XRay structures (1120 with interacting glycan), 428 distinct lectin sequences, 188 distinct glycans, 766 articles
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