A Roadmap for Glycoscience in Europe

Under the Initiative of the European Science Foundation, The European Glycosciences Forum has brought a group of fifty experts from 22 member states, to consider how the recent leading achievements of glycoscience and glycobiology in Europe can be driven forward. These scientists represented both academic and industrial research. As a result of this action, a document entitled “A Roadmap for Glycoscience in Europe” puts in perspective (summarizes) exciting opportunities which are of great interest to European Society and Bioindustries, to achieve economic growth without damage to the environment. Key areas are : Pharmaceuticals and Personalized Medicine (addressing challenges in health), Food (food security, nutrition, well-being), Materials and Biorenewables (resource efficiency and raw material). Underpinning these opportunities will be a number of emerging Glycoscience Tools which require concerted developments, in the field of synthesis of carbohydrates and glycoconjugates, high-throughput sequencing of complex carbohydrates, establishment of long term databases and bio-informatics and computational tools to enable accurate carbohydrate and glycoconjugate structural predictions. The document recognizes that full exploitation will only be possible, if the broader community is educated in the opportunities brought by the emerging field of glycoscience through cooperation with the media and policy makers, as well as Education and Training for students and scientists at all levels.

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