Carmen Galan awarded the 2017 RSC Carbohydrate Chemistry

Dr M. Carmen Galan has been awarded the 2017 Royal Society of Chemistry Carbohydrate Chemistry Award.

The award is given to Dr Galan in recognition of her research into new synthetic methodologies for oligosaccharide synthesis and the development of novel glycoconjugate probes to study cellular processes. is a Reader in organic and biological chemistry at the University of Bristol, where she holds an ERC Consolidator award and an EPSRC Career Acceleration Fellowship. She undertook her PhD with Prof Geert-Jan Boons at the Complex Carbohydrate Research Centre in Georgia, USA before postdoctoral studies with Prof Chi-Huey Wong (Scripps Research Center) and Prof Sarah O’Connor (MIT).
She is a member of editorial advisory boards for Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry, RSC Advances and the editorial boards of Carbohydrate Research and Nature Scientific Reports. She also represents the United Kingdom in the International Carbohydrate Organisation.