Glycoscientist Laura Kiessling Wins Prestigious Gibbs Award

Dr. Laura Kiessling, is the 2016 winner of the Willard Gibbs Award, one of the most prestigious honors in all chemistry.
The Willard Gibbs Award was created in 1910 and consists of a eighteen-carat gold medal. It is awarded by The Chicago Section of the American Chemical Society. Named for the formulator of the Phase Rule, the award aims “to publicly recognize eminent chemists who, through years of application and devotion, have brought to the world developments that enable everyone to live more comfortably and to understand this world better."

Dr. Laura Kiessling is known for her research on elucidating and exploiting the mechanisms of cell surface recognition processes including protein-glycan interactions, as well as her work on multivalency and its role in recognition, signal transduction, and direction of cell fate.