Happy Birthday to IBCarb

IBCarb the network of glycoscientists in the UK is completing its first year of existence. A sustainable management structure made up of an Executive Committee, and Steering Group plus the International Advisory Board has been established and the basis set up the to gather balanced contributions from academia and industry.

Several events took place over the year 2014 on a range of topics : Glycoscience Tools for Industry, Glycoenzymes for Bioindustries, Glycobiology Challenges and Solutions, Fuels, Food and Materials, Carbohydrate Recognition and Inhibition. A series of activities took place at each event that resulted in a number of research proposals which have been submitted to external funding sources.
The contribution of the IBCarb managing team to finalizing the joint EGSF/ICarb White Paper defining a “Road Map for Glycoscience in Europe” is one of the landmarks of the concrete actions of the year.