Lectin-Glycan Interaction Network-Based Identification of Host Receptors of Microbial Pathogenic Adhesins

Microbial pathogens express a wide range of carbohydrate-specific adhesion proteins that mediate their adherence to host tissues. Pathogen attachment to host cells is achieved through the binding of lectin-like adhesins to glycans on human glycoproteins. In only a few cases have the human receptors of pathogenic adhesins been described. A new strategy based on novel Lectin-Glycan-Intractions network is reported that map the potential adhesin receptors in the host.

The network based on the experimntal data of the most relevant interactions. New potential targets for the selected adhesins were predicted and experimentally confirmed. This methodology was also used to predict lectin interactions with human-pathogenic viruses and to discover whether such adhesins as FimH displays anti-HIV activity.