Starch : Metabolism and Structure

This edited book provides a detailed overview of the current understanding of the metabolic system of starch biosynthesis and degradation in plants. The distinct structures of amylopectin and amylose and the crystalline structure of starch granules are presented.

The book introduces research that remains to be conducted, such as the regulation of starch metabolism and the fine structure of starch molecules,They will provide sound scientific basis to manipulate the structure and functional properties of starch by genetic and molecular technology. Recent approaches to producing novel starches with distinct physicochemical and functional properties in gene-modified mutants and transgenic plants for industrial applications are introduced.
The complexity of the biosynthetic machinery of starch is described along with the structure and metabolism of which have developed and been refined during the process of plant evolution. Finally, the book elaborates on the unresolved topics, necessary approaches and future prospects to achieve a complete understanding of the regulation of starch metabolism.