SweetUNityMol & Symbol Nomenclature for Glycans

An updated version of the molecular visualization program UnityMol/SweetUnityMol is available. It is fully compatible with the Symbol Nomenclature for Glycan (SNFG) colour coding published in Glycobiology, 2015, 25 (12) 1323-1324.

The software has been initially developed based on revision 676 of UnityMol and version4.5.2f1 of Unity3D. All source code was implemented using C# and Cg languages built into Unity 3D and is available along with executables for Mac, Windows and Linux platforms on the sourceforge project website. Current UnityMol versions run within version 5.3.2f1 of Unity3D.
The software is freely available on the sourceforge project
The SweetUnityMol User Manual provides documentation, input files, and series of illustrations. http://glycopedia.eu/IMG/pdf/sweetunitymol_user_manual_2016.pdf