Training the Next Generation of Biomedical Investigators in Glycosciences

Two independent reports respectively entitled “Transforming Glycoscience : A Roadmap for the Future”(published 2012) and “A roadmap for glycoscience in Europe" (published 2015), recognized that full exploitation will only be possible, if the broader community is educated in the opportunities brought by the emerging field of glycoscience through cooperation with the media and policy makers, as well as Education and Training for students and scientists at all levels.

Under the auspices of the Division of Blood Diseases and Resources, National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, a working group of scientists glycosciences, but also of many experts from other field, met in Spring 2015 to discuss : “the value and mechanisms of training the next generation of biomedical investigators in the glycosciences, with the goal of bringing glycoscience back into the mainstream of biology — by generating a critical sustainable workforce that will advance the translation of glycosciences in biology and medicine, and help integrate glycoscience education into the curricula of medical and graduate schools".

The article “Training the Next Generation of Biomedical Investigators in Glycosciences” ( is the position statement that originated from the working group ; with particular emphasis to building of a workforce versed in glycoscience and to expanding support for glycoscience training.