Two Libraries of 1D, 2D, 3D Structures of Monosaccharides

The new “Resource” section of features two libraries of 1D, 2D and 3D structures of more than 250 monosaccharides, in format appropriate for pictorial representations as well as for setting-up libraries compatible with most of the molecular viewers and molecular modelling packages.

A first chapter offers a library of 128 monosaccharides structures corresponding to all combinations (D/ L ; alpha/beta ; pyranose/furanose) of hexoses, pentoses and ketoses. Irrespective of the fact that many of these combinations correspond to structures that occur in rare occasions or have not been identified yet, all possible combinations were generated. Complementary to its 3-Dimensional structure, each monosaccharide is presented in the form of a symbolic representation, in accordance with the rules set-forward in “The Symbolic Representation of Monosaccharides in the Age of Glycobiology”, along with a drawing of the molecular structure. As such, each monosaccharide is depicted in the form of a mosaic comprising four vignettes, which are associated to pictures and coordinates file, each of them being downloadable. As a complement, the 20 different 3D structures corresponding to the conformation taken by five membered-ring around the conformational wheel, are presented.

A second chapter offers a library of 150 monosaccharides structures found as components of bio-actives glycans, oligo and polysaccharides. They are presented throughout several levels of structural depiction, i.e. one dimension, two-dimension and three-dimension. The monosaccharides are listed in six distinct chapters following an alphabetic order (1) from Abequose to Arabinose ; (2) from Bradyrhizose to Fucose ; (3) Galactoses : (4) Glucoses ; (5) from Gulose to Muramic Acid ; (6) from Neuraminic Acid to Xylose.